• Industrial plot for free

    Industrial plot for free

    Every year you employ at least 50 people in the Park, you cannot pay any concession fee for the plot owned by the municipality. Read More
  • Inexhaustible human resources

    Inexhaustible human resources

    Unfortunately we have 25,000 job seekers in 20 kms of the site, including 8,800 skilled (vocational) job seekers. Read More
  • Dedicated vice mayor

    Dedicated vice mayor

    Starting a new production abroad is a risky business. Decrease dramatically the risks of new production site’s implementation and the risk of operation with your own vice mayor! Read More
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Pricing - industrial property for free

The market prices of industrial properties (green field) is 19€/m2 + VAT in M35 Business Park. You can buy your own plot, but we have a better offer: lease an industrial plot for free!

The municipality's local investment promotion regulation provides robust annual leasing fee discount for job-creating and local tax paying investors: 

  1. category investment: 100% annual leasing fee discount (free property use) over 50 jobs in Hajduböszörmény and over 500 million HUF additional sales revenues of your Hajduböszörmény company (this is the base of local business tax paying). 500 million HUF is approx. 1.7 million euros or 2.2 million US dollars.
  2. category investment: 50% annual leasing fee discount for 25-50 jobs and 100-500 million HUF additional sales revenues. The annual leasing fee for our industrial plots is 1.5-2.0 €/m2/year, 50% discount means you pay 0.75-1.0 €/m2/year (7,500-10,000 euros per hectare per year).
  3. category investment: 25% annual leasing fee discount for 10-24 jobs and 50-100 million HUF additional sales revenues.

We are thinking in long-term leasing contract and long-term partnership. The year you cannot fullfil a category's requirements (e.g: the employment decreases from 60 to 40 jobs in your plant), you have to pay a lower category leasing fee (in this case, the 2. category).


The location

The M35 Business Park is located in the Western part of Hajduboszormeny, at exit of M35 Motorway. Currently there are local small enterprises (with mechanical engineering, furniture manufacturing, agricultural and service profiles) and the TESCO Hajduboszormeny (retail) in the business park.

When we are talking about property sales and leasing, first of all we think about the local municipality owned 8 hectare industrial land (with blue on the map).



within 6 months after purchase/leasing contract

within 2 years


 2 MW

5 MW 


250 m3/h



120 m3/h



with tank (heating only)





 built-in ratio: max. 50%, green area ratio: min.25%, maximal building height: 8.5 - 12.5 meters