• Industrial plot for free

    Industrial plot for free

    Every year you employ at least 50 people in the Park, you cannot pay any concession fee for the plot owned by the municipality. Read More
  • Inexhaustible human resources

    Inexhaustible human resources

    Unfortunately we have 25,000 job seekers in 20 kms of the site, including 8,800 skilled (vocational) job seekers. Read More
  • Dedicated vice mayor

    Dedicated vice mayor

    Starting a new production abroad is a risky business. Decrease dramatically the risks of new production site’s implementation and the risk of operation with your own vice mayor! Read More
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There are a lot of low-cost locations in Eastern Europe, but the access can be an issue in many cases. The M35 Business Park located at the Hajduboszormeny exit of M35 Motorway. This motorway connects Budapest and Western Europe to South-Eastern Europe and Middle East (also see our maps)

Debrecen International Airport is in 20 kms, providing access to the main European hubs, like London, Dortmund, the Netherlands etc. There are competing airport transfer services between Airport Debrecen and Hajduboszormeny.

The municipality managed in-town public bus transport was upgraded in the recent years, and the inter-town bus transfer makes available a 350,000 population.


A short video about the Airport Debrecen: