25,000 job seekers in 20 kms (12 miles). Commuting 20-30 kms a day is not an issue for an average Hungarian employee - and especially not an issue for a job seeker (see our video interview bellow!). 20 km area around Hajdúböszörmény includes Debrecen City and the protestant Hajdu Community, with excellent inter-town public transport. The total population of described area is approx. 350,000. Regarding Eastern Hungary, it has 300,000 unemployed people, which is the 70% of total Hungarian unemployment.

Promising internal structure of local unemployement. We have many and relatively well-trained job seekers. The number of technically (vocationally) trained staff is 8,800, including large numbers in mechanical, electronic, plastic moulding, food processing fields. 7,200 job seekers speak foreign languages at least on a basic level.

 A short video about Kitti, who seeks a job in Hajdúböszörmény:



We have a focused mechanical engineering, metal processing and electronics educational program in local vocational high school. The vocational education is supported by a strong local career orientation.

The University of Debrecen and the University of Miskolc have more than 40,000 students. The two leading universities of Hungary have a special focus on engineering and business administration.


Leading employers in 20 kms (on the map):

Company name industry headcount
General Electric lighting 1,000+
National Instruments electronics 1,000+
FAG automotive 1,000
TEVA pharmaceutics 1,500
Richter pharmaceutics 150
IT services Hungary global business services 1,500
BT Global Services global business services 250
HAJDU Inc. automotive, white goods 500+
Nikecell plastic industry 100
Ventifilt mechanical engineering 200
Nagev metal processing 200
Alföldi Printing House printing 200
Toyota Tsusho logistics  20
Jabil electronics 7,000
Flexi Force mechanical engineering 50
Curver plastic industry 300
Zsindelyes Destillery food processing 50
 Wassim Cheese food processing 50